Our Offices

Our Offices

Our offices are open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.  We are closed for holidays and weekends.  Apply for services on-line here, or contact us by telephone  at 757-827-5078 or toll-free at 866-LEGL-AID. Please note that due to limited staffing, no walk-ins are accepted at our Eastern Shore location.

ALL LASEV offices will be closed on the following dates:

February 17


Several of our offices are located at our Norfolk location:

Administration, Intake, Pro Bono/PAI

Norfolk/Southside Office

Disability Rights Unit

Expanded Access Unit

125 St. Paul's Blvd., Ste. 400

Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 627-5423

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Hampton Office

30 West Queens Way

Hampton, VA 23669

(757) 275-0080

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Williamsburg Annex

199 Armistead Ave.

Williamsburg, VA 23185

(757) 220-6837

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Eastern Shore Office

36314 Lankford Hwy., Ste. 4

Belle Haven, VA 23306

(757) 442-3014


Table of Contents

  1. Norfolk Office
  2. Hampton Office
  3. Williamsburg Annex
  4. Eastern Shore Office
  5. Administration, Intake, and Pro Bono-PAI
  6. Disability Rights Unit
  7. Expanded Access Unit

Norfolk Office

Norfolk Office, including the Disability Rights Unit

Holly Yates, Esquire, Managing Attorney

Michelle Peters, Esquire, Senior Staff Attorney, CaRE attorney

Jesse Zajac, Esquire, ACES Attorney

Ashley Eick, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Johnna Chick, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Jane Harless, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Zach McDonnell, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Stephanie Miranda, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Kate Skarvan, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Isabella Meibauer, Office Manager




Hampton Office

Melissa Bonfiglio, Esquire, Managing Attorney, Peninsula Offices

Frank White, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Andrea Atkinson, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Anne Ligon, Esquire, Staff Attorney

David Likavec, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Taequan Kates, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Jamesa Parker, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Velma Taylor, Social Security Paralegal

Josie Colon, Office Manager

Toni Fields, Office Assistant

Williamsburg Annex

Darryl Cunningham, Esquire, Senior Staff Attorney

Raquel Walters, Office Assistant

Eastern Shore Office

Susan Hickey, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Administration, Intake, and Pro Bono-PAI


Raymond Hartz, Esquire, Executive Director

Sarah Black, Esquire, Deputy Director, Director of Litigation

Joyce Ayres, Finance Officer

Sherry Harrison, Administrator

Pamela Davis, Social Worker

Isabella Meibauer, Executive Assistant

Central Intake

Jimmara Harrison, Supervising Paralegal

Tonya Deloach, Intake Paralegal

Samantha Abreu, Intake Paralegal

Yvette Banuelos, Intake Paralegal

Jasmine Byas, Intake Paralegal

Zaiyeh Martinez, Intake Paralegal

PAI/Pro Bono

Tameeka Williams, Esquire, Director of Pro Bono and Private Attorney Involvement

Reyna Z. Smith, PAI/Pro Bono Assistant

Michele Tracey, Office Assistant

Disability Rights Unit

Disability Rights Unit

Linda Jones-Bailey, Senior Social Security Paralegal

Pamela Davis, Social Worker

Jane Harless, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Stephanie Miranda, Esquire, Staff Attorney

Gail Peters, Social Security Paralegal

La'Shiona Scott, Social Security Paralegal

Ronette Hudson, Office Manager

Tonya Deloach, Receptionist



Expanded Access Unit

Expanded Access Unit

Carl Stevens, Esquire, Senior Attorney

Emily Schools, Esquire