Apply For Services Online

Apply Online

There are three ways to apply for services: on-line, by contacting our Central Intake unit, and in-person at a local service office.  Locally, Central Intake can be reached at (757) 827-5078, or toll-free at (866) LEGL-AID. 

If you are with another legal services program or agency and you would like to refer a client to LASEV, please fax their intake forms to Central Intake at (757) 627-7583.


We assist in civil legal matters only; we do not assist in criminal cases, traffic matters or personal injury. 

Table of Contents

  1. Free Legal Information

Free Legal Information provides free legal information about civil matters.

The Virginia Court system also has useful information on-line about how to navigate through the legal system without an attorney.

You can also apply for free legal services on-line, or by telephone or in person.