Res Ipsa Loquitur

America is a promise we make, person to person, citizen to citizen, to one another.  

The current Administration's proposed budget eliminates funding for Legal Services Corporation (LSC), our federal funder.  LSC provides one third of Legal Aid's funding and the loss of that money would be devastating and would result in a dramatic reduction in the services we are able to offer to the low-income residents of Eastern Virginia.

The work we do at Legal Aid is vital.  We are often the only source of legal help for women and children seeking to flee their abusers, for homeless veterans trying to rebuild their lives, for tenants struggling to live in uninhabitable and unsafe conditions, for consumers who are victimized by predatory, and often racist, lending practices, for citizens struggling against what can be an arbitrary government bureaucracy.  To cut legal services to these people, our fellow Americans, is to deny them equal access to our justice system, deny them an opportunity to be meaningfully heard and is to leave them victim to unscrupulous and often abusive conditions and practices.

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