The Pro Bono & Private Attorney Involvement Program of Legal Aid Society of Eastern Virginia (LASEV) is seeking volunteer attorneys to assist in meeting the legal needs of our area’s low to moderate income residents.

In order to review current cases waiting for a volunteer attorney to accept, you will need to interact with our Private Bar Portal (PBP). You will be able to do so with only a web browser and Internet access. Utilizing the PBP to interact with our case management system will make accepting a case, closing a case, timekeeping, and document exchange more efficient. You can preview and accept a case at any time.  

The PBP requires registration. Please complete and submit a brief information form in order to receive full online access to preview available cases. There is no cost to register.

Please submit a request to register to use the portal by opening this link:, and clicking on the second HERE link, as shown below.



Please note that all of our cases are screened for legal merit and financial eligibility. All volunteers handling Legal Aid’s cases are covered by our professional liability coverage.

Contact Information:

Tricia Batson, Esq.  

Director of Pro Bono & PAI

Jimmara Harrison    

PAI Assistant

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