Board of Directors


President: Collins Owens, Esquire

Vice-President: Professor Kathleen McKee, Esquire

Treasurer: Greg E. Summy, Esquire

Secretary: Melvin Jones

At-Large Member: Dorinda P. Burton, Esquire


Judy Anderson

Jane G. Cabarrus

Marsha Dunning Carter, Esquire

Jeffrey Charity

Linda Day

Jennifer Eaton, Esquire

Nicole Harrell, Esquire

Rhiannon Harman, Esquire

Lindsey Kelly, Esquire

Thomas C. Kleine, Esquire

Cynthia Major

Stephanie Morales, Esquire

Renisha Ricks

Cydney Claren Robinson

Elizabeth L. White, Esquire


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    The news about recent activities for needed peoples.

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    28 Sep 2023

    Important Federal District Court Win

    In Minnesota Life Insurance Company v. Marcia Gayle et. al., a case involving a…

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    7 Sep 2023

    LASEV Attorney Receives Prestigious Award

    Senior Staff Attorney, Darryl Cunningham, received the St. George Tucker…

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