Disability Rights Unit

Disability Rights Unit

Stephanie Miranda, Esquire, Managing Attorney: stephaniem@laseva.org

Jane Harless, Esquire, National Homeless Law Center Justice Fellow: janeh@laseva.org

Claire Izah, Esquire, Staff Attorney: clairei@laseva.org

Paige Davis, Esquire, Staff Attorney: paiged@laseva.org

Pamela Davis, Social Worker

Gail Peters, Paralegal

Reyna Smith, Office Manager





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    The news about recent activities for needed peoples.

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    15 Mar 2023

    Favorable Settlement in Bryant v. City of Norfolk Motion to Enforce brings change to Norfolk

    In a collaborative resolution to Plaintiffs' Motion to Enforce the Settlement…

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    24 Jan 2023

    Court of Appeals Win

    Congratulations to Legal Aid Staff Attorneys Brandon Ballard and Floyd Oliver…

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